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Plate Heat recovery units SF series are especially indicated for to air renewal ad to keep thermal conditions in the civil e services ambients. “SF series” permit to change the air in a room with a great heat transmission thanks to an high efficiency polystyrene counterflow heat exchanger. Units are equipped with an extraction air circuit for exhaust air, and an inlet flow with partial or total recycled air, complete of ambient thermal treatment.

Manufactured with aluminium profiles, galvanized sandwich externally prepainted panels, insulated with polyurethane 23 mm thickness (thermal break profile with 45mm thickness panels optional).

“SF series” units are equipped with centrifugal single inlet backward curved Plug-Fans, with electronically commutated brushless motors.

N°2 proposed versions: - up to 600 mc/h of total return air (300 mc/h renewal), - up to 1200 mc/h of total return air (600 mc/h renewal).

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